Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Radio spots

When working in radio, you have a lot of people asking to create something good, fun, interesting, attention getting and awesome. And oh yeah, they need it by the end of the day. This poses a unique challenge but sometimes the fruits of the labor are amazing. The following are some spots that I created, wrote and produced. Enjoy!

ET's Lawn & Leisure in Cortland always wanted certain content in their ads, like a good client should. Here are a few for them...

Sometimes the best ideas come from focusing on just one word. In this case, BOBCAT!

I like to add little sounds in the back ground to enforce the copy. Listen for the cha-ching!

So when a client says he wants to talk about everything he does but highlight one particular service, you come up with a way to tell the story.

Help wanted ads can be trying. They want people to work in a position that will probably not be glamorous. So what do you do? Pump up the client and give the positions cool sounding names...

Client: We are more than a regular convenience store.
Me: OK, what else do you have?
Client: Ummm, everything.

A dentist that wants patients to be relaxed. I initially said, "try the gas", but he wanted something a little more subtle...

Ah, Travels With Doris. Doris owns a motor coach company and puts on tours all over the country. She is fantastic at her job but struggles when it comes to advertising. IN THE HANDS OF A LESSER COPYWRITER, THAT WOULD BE A PROBLEM!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Gage County Fair is a BIG deal in Beatrice. I was tasked with ads for the three nights of concerts that would appeal to concert goers and our older listeners as well. Here are the Gage County June Bugs...

More radio spots-I love these!

Fischer's Beer, Wine and Spirits in Crete was looking to go in a new direction as far as their radio advertising. We sold them on the idea that the people who work at Fischer's know everything there is to know about alcohol and a lot of other stuff as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wellmark & Farm Bureau-Red & Blue

So, as stated, I am a copy writer. The following print ads created as an intern at Nicholson-Kovac in Kansas City show why I am most definitely not, an art director.

Wellmark & Farm Bureau-Unexpected Savings

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Standard Resume

Shane Warren
412 S. 1st Street
Seward, NE 68434
(402) 239-6186
Online portfolio:


Southeast Community College
Beatrice, NE
A.A.S. in Broadcasting
A.A. in General Studies

Northwest Missouri State University
Maryville, MO
B.S. in Applied Advertising


KWBE Radio-News Channel Nebraska-Beatrice, NE
November 2015-present

  • Copy writer/spot producer
  • Full time on-air personality

Verizon Wireless-Lincoln, NE
August 2009-August 2014

  • Creative Liaison
  • Tech Support Coordinator
Nicholson Kovac-Kansas City, MO
May 2009-August 2009

  • Copywriter-intern

KZLX Radio-Maryville, MO
August 2007-May 2009

  • On-air personality
  • Production specialist
  • Copywriter/producer
  • Station manager

KWBE Radio-Beatrice, NE
August 2005-April 2008

  • On-air personality
  • Weekend morning show host
  • Copywriter/producer

The Challenge-Beatrice, NE
March 2005-April 2007

  • Feature writer
  • Movie Reviewer

KQIQ Radio-Beatrice, NE
March 2005-August 2007

  • On-air personality
  • Production director
  • Copywriter/producer
Kevin Fullerton
Principal/Launch Director-Springboard Creative
(913) 484-7408

Mike Davis
Associate Creative Director-Mitchell Communications Group
(479) 443-4673

Jacquie Lamer
Instructor-Northwest Missouri State University
(660) 562-1618

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Writing Resume

Is there anything I can write to make you read this entire thing?


Shane Warren wants a job.

More specifically, Shane wants a job as a copywriter with an advertising agency.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what will Shane do to get this job?

Good question.

It’s not so much about what Shane will do to get this job, but what he will do once he gets it.

The answer is simple. Using the creative forces granted use to him by a supreme being, he will create some of the best ads that just may change the face of advertising forever.

But in actuality, Shane will most likely create ads that will serve his clients and bolster their sales in just the way the company expects. After all, if not for the clients, none of us would work in this topsy-turvy industry called advertising.

Another question: “What guarantees do I have that Shane knows what he is doing?”

Simple answer: There are no guarantees. (Unless of course, the client wants to state them in the ad).

But through a proven record of relevant experience, Shane can promise a 100% work ethic and a tireless quest to create the perfect ad.

Question: What is the perfect ad?

Answer: What ever the client wants, guided by our unmatched expertise in advertising.

Below you can see the related experiences Shane has accumulated to make him the creative machine he has become.

EXPERIENCE-(this does not just include “work” experience, but things that Shane has done to assist in making him a creative force).

Resident of Los Angeles, CA
Sure Shane had the regular “flunky” jobs like dead-end retail positions, telephone interviewer or dinner interrupter as he likes to refer to it, and such. But living in LA is an experience in itself. He met many strange, creative, whacky, fake people as you could imagine and successfully came out the other side. That is an accomplishment in itself.

KQIQ Radio
This was an actual “job” in which Shane entertained the masses on a college radio station. At first glance, this may not seem like relevant experience. Oh contraire. Being in college with other students who are 10-12 years younger than you gives a fantastic perspective on work ethic and the controlled brightness of our collective futures. Also creating spots for community advertisers on a college radio station with no money makes a person creative whether they aspire to it or not.

KWBE Radio
Another “job” in which Shane excelled at being the low man on the totem pole. Weekend morning show host and spot producer/copywriter were the orders of the day. FYI-in a small market, commercial radio station, part-time employees that work for minimum wage, do most of the work and get little of the credit. This is not a good position for those with fragile egos. He worked there for almost three years and loved nearly every minute of it.

Transitional period
After obtaining two associates degrees from Southeast Community College in Nebraska and swearing he would never attend any type of formal education institution again, Shane decided money is nice to have when you have a wife and three children. In his ultimate wisdom, (actually it was the wisdom of others sought in making this decision) Shane transferred to Northwest Missouri State University.

Being a Bearcat
Shane lurked around Maryville in the way old creepy guys do and earned a degree in Applied Advertising at Northwest. He also obtained many experiences and friends that will (hopefully) be colleagues one day. Shane’s tour as Station Manager of the campus radio station X 106, and his tireless nights in the production studio because of his mispronunciation of the word “community”, have given him exacting insight into what makes people perform successfully and how easy it is to not try and just go along for the ride. Shane is appreciative of the courses that he was forced into at Northwest, but there were some other elements that were much more valuable to him. The Kansas City Ad Club has made a significant impression on Shane; knowing that there are many other creative kamikazes out there who get that same electrified feeling when one produces a solid print ad. KC Ad Club Career Day and the Northwest advertising club’s Off Broadway Tour throw a person into the fray with only a small sharpened pencil to defend themselves. It is here that you figure out whether you would rather set yourself on fire than work in this industry, or aim to get your words on that billboard where I-435 and I-29 split.

Shane’s Life

Each person he has ever met, each ad Shane ever saw and each car he’s ever ruined has made him the person he is today. His parents shaped him, his world perplexed/entertained him, Shane’s friends appreciated him, and his wife and kids supported his move into a new career at the spring chicken-like age of 35. Another thing is for certain; solid ideas are rolling around in the small area above his neck. Every once in a while they shoot out of his pencil with the speed that would make a bazooka take notice.

Did Shane say too much? Did he say it just right? Will he need to do a thirty-seventh draft of this new style of resume?

You have the answer.

Shane is a guy who can create in an environment conducive to achievement.

Do you want to talk to him? (We think maybe you do)

Shane Warren
412 S. 1st Street
Seward, NE 68434
(402) 239-6186